Ta-Te  Lin
Name Ta-Te Lin
Email m456@ntu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 02-23929769 , 02-33665331
Job Title Professor and Executive Vice President of University Affairs
Research Expertise Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
Image Processing and Machine Vision
Biological System Modeling and Simulation
Cryopreservation of Biological Materials
Teaching Field Computer Programming Language
Principles and Applications of Digital Image Processing
Biological Engineering Modeling and Analysis
Rheology of Biological Materials
Engineering of Preserving Biological Materials
Information Systems in Agriculture
Microcomputer Programming and Applications
Applied Biology
Introduction to Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering
Special Topics on Bio-mechatronics
Special Topics on Biological Mechatronics
Laboratory Website http://ttlin.bime.ntu.edu.tw/ttlin/
Academic Works http://ah.ntu.edu.tw/web/Teacher!one.action?tid=1551
Year Award Name Awarding Unit
2018 2018 International Symposium on ISMAB (Excellent Paper Award) x4 Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery(KSAM)