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The category of bio-industry covers various aspects such as medical health care, pharmaceutics, environment conservation, biological materials, agriculture, foods, and so on. As for the 「Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering」 (BIME) program, it integrates the engineering disciplines such as Mechanics, Electronics, Computer Science, Automatic Control, and Chemical Engineering with applications to bio-industry. BIME can upgrade the competitiveness and automation level of bio-industry and lay the important engineering foundation for the bio-industry in Taiwan. The BIME department focuses on fulfilling the demand of mechatronics system integration for traditional and emerging bio-industries. In this regard, BIME serves as a department of multi-engineering disciplines (graduates are granted engineering degrees), and is actively involved in developing bio-mechatronics technologies including automation, bio-engineering, bio-sensor, bio-signal processing, intelligent control, Nano-BioMEMS, biomaterials, bio-informatics, bio-reactor engineering, etc., in order to keep abreast with the global trend of industrialization and automation in bio-industry.