• Name Ta-Te Lin
  • Job Title Professor
  • Email m456@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Agricultural Mechanization and Automation Image Processing and Machine Vision Biological System Modeling and Simulation Mechatronics Cryopreservation of Biological Materials
  • Laboratory Website http://ttlin.bime.ntu.edu.tw/ttlin/
  • Name Chung-Kee Yeh
  • Job Title Associate Professor
  • Email ckyeh@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Intelligent Machinery Vehicle Dynamics Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control Vibration & Noise Measurement Human Factors Engineering Precision Spraying with GPS-Guidance Power Machinery (Engines & Motors) Bio-Industrial Machinery (Agriultural Machinery)
  • Laboratory Website http://bime.ntu.edu.tw/people/bio.php?PID=17
  • Name Hsun-Yi Chen
  • Job Title Associate Professor
  • Email hsunyichen@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Lithium-ion battery
    Redox flow battery
    Ceramics materials and sintering
    Materials simulation
    Materials characterization 
    Electrochemical analysis

  • Laboratory Website http://theamrg.com/
  • Name 陳 世芳
  • Job Title Assistant Professor and Research Section Leader of CIA
  • Email sfchen@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Sensing Technology Breath monitoring Raman and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Image Processing Chemometrics and multivariate analysis Electrochemical and Enzymatic Sensing
  • Laboratory Website http://ntubimessl.wixsite.com/ntussl


  • Name Hang-Sun Chang
  • Job Title Honorary Professor
  • Research Expertise Thermal and Energy Engineering
  • Name Yi-Luen Chen
  • Job Title Honorary Professor
  • Research Expertise Farm Power and Tractors
  • Name Jai-Tsung Shaw
  • Job Title Honorary Professor
  • Email m320@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Storage and Handling of Agricultural Product Thermal Environmental Engineering Non-destructive Quality Detection
  • Name Fu-Ming Lu
  • Job Title Honorary Professor
  • Email lufuming@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Biological Materials Processing Engineering Grain Drying and Storage Precision Agriculture


  • Name Yew-Shing Ouyang
  • Job Title Retired professor
  • Email ouyang@ntu.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise Machinery Design Mechanics of Materials Manufacturing Process Development