Jui-Jen  Chou
Name Jui-Jen Chou
Job Title Professor
Email jjchou@ntu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 02-2363-5375 , 02-3366-5355
Research Expertise Automation for Bio-industry Robotics Mechatronics Engineering Education
Teaching Field Automatic Control Dynamics and Control of Robots Geometric Modeling for Computer Graphics Design and Simulation of Automated Systems Special Topics on Mechratronics Digital Control Systems Intelligent Control Introduction to Mechatronics and Lab Mechatronics and Lab. System Identification System Identification of Biosystems Machinery and Agriculture Introductin to Agriculture Automation Principle and Application of Microcontrollers
Laboratory Website http://serve01.ecaa.ntu.edu.tw/jjchou/jjchouweb/index.htm
2016.08 ~ 2019.07
2016.08 ~ 2019.07