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Research Fields

Researches are aimed to integrate engineering knowledge and biological applications. The department has a variety of specialized laboratories, engaging in researches on various fields such as bio-sensing, bio-imaging, bio-photonics, bioMENS, bio-nano system, bio-chips, biomedical sensors, biomaterials, bio-environmental control, food and biochemistry engineering, bio-systems engineering, aquaculture, waste treatment, waste incineration, handling and storage of biomaterials, vibration and noise, bio-industrial machinery, grain drying, hydraulic control, mechatronics, robot, bioprocess engineering, bio-electromagnetics, biomass energy, bioinformatics, data mining, artificial antibodies and so on.

For years, BIME department has been granted for the research projects from government authorities and private companies such as National Science Council, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Environmental Protection Administration, Industrial Development Bureau (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Water Resources Agency, Taiwan Power Company, and so on. Through these projects, the department is filled up with abundant research resources. Results and achievements of research projects are not only published on academic journals but also applied to the benefits of human lives and the society. Some examples of our specific achievements are listed below:

Formation of Tannin-Protein Nano-Particles as Measured by Light Scattering Techniques, Use of Chitosan Membrane from The Carapace of Taiwanese Soldier Crab for Biosensor Construction, Cryopreservation of Oyster Embryos, Environmental Control in Micropropagation of Tissue Culture Plantlets, MR Imaging of In-Vivo Human Tympanic Membrane, Multi-Spectral Imaging and Remote Control System, Non-Destructive Sensing and Analysis of Biomaterials, Fluorescence Imaging Analysis, Identification of Herbal Medicine by NIR Method, Development of a GPS-Sprayer for Precision Spraying in Field, Application of a GSM on Field Data Acquisition, Automation System for Seedling Production, Automation System for Pea Sprouts Production, Automation System for Paddy Nursery Operation, Automatic Weighing and Sorting System Using Computer Based Control, Study on the Technology of Post-Harvesting Handling and Storage for Fruits and Vegetables, Development of Sensors for the Livestock Wastewater, Development of the Automatic Estrus Detection System for Dairy Cow, Application of Precision Agriculture, Rice Quality Evaluation, Automation on Grain Drying and Processing, Grain Hull Mechanics, Dry and Incineration System, Circulating Raceway Shrimp Production System, and Super-Intensive Water Circulating Indoor Aquaculture.